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Over 12 million dogs a year are put to death, not sleep, because of overpopulation. Aprox. 30% of them are purebreds, and more than half are under two years of age.

I urge and beg you to please consider saving a life and adopting your next best friend!

Stay away from pet stores. They treat animals like trash. Please visit your local shelter and dog pound.

Discount prices on pet meds!

Fannie's Fireside Chat

Fannie's Fireside Chat

Video 1
Fannie's Fireside Chat

Video 2
Sleepy Fig.

Fannie Sleeping...Just a Cute Video

Fannie Get's a Surprise Visit from Grandma and Grandpa in Greenport NY

Fannie Enjoys the 2nd Day of Spring 2009 Yum Yum Hot Dog Friday April 24 2009

Fannie Enjoys a Hot Dog on a Beautiful Friday in Spring.
Fannie Swimming at the S.S. Aqua Dog December 2008

Fannie Swimming with Aunt Randy from RandyProductions,com
June 03 2009 Fireside Chat June 09 thanks guys!
June 4 2009 Fannie and the HotDog.

Fannie Enjoying A Nice Thursday..Feeling Better than Yesterday!
June 5th HOT DOG FRIDAY!!! Better Than HotDog Thursday.

Fannie Enjoying a Hotdog..yes again...2 days in a row. No Bun..No Carbs.
June 8th 2009. Celebrating Life with Fannie.

Fannie Enjoying A Super Duper Bacon Cheese Burger in Paradise.

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