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Is a Siberian Husky for You?

The Siberian Husky is an amazing dog and in our opinion the best breed that God has put on our green earth but there a few characteristic that you should be aware of.

Run Forrest Runů

The husky is the original sprinter. Bruce Jenner and Flo Joe have nothing on these dogs. If your husky is not in an enclosed area, they should never be let off lead. This breed loves to run and there is not doubt that they can and will outrun you. Once they are free they are running. Because they are such an independent bred and this is built into their genetic code, there is no amount of training, claps, whistles, calls or prayer that will get them back to you. They will come back if and when they are ready. That is if they didn't already get hit by a moving vehicle. This is a serious situation so please don't risk it. Ok, so you say you are in a fenced in area. I can handle it. 3 foot, 4 foot fence? PA-LEASE! They can tip toe over this. You need at least a 6 foot fence and it needs to be secure underneath. They pups are natural escape artists. Secure the bottom of the fence with unmoveable railroad ties, on top of a section of chain link fence. Even better, if you can make a cement base that would be wonderful.

Not Really a Mushy Mushy Lap Dog

Even though this breed is very emotional and affectionate they are not going to sit on your lap as you sip cognac by the fireplace listening to NPR. Not that he husky doesn't like NPR, they do but they will not sit at your feet after fetching your slippers long enough to find out. Again, they are very affectionate but not like a lab that wont leave your side. When they greet you they will shower you with love and affection but the moment usually comes and goes. They are not loners but again they are independent.


The Siberian Husky has a wonderful temperament. In fact, they have one of the best temperaments of any dog that has ever owned me. They are not a naturally aggressive dog. Look at their past. They pulled a musher on a sled with 10 other dogs right by their side. An act of aggression would not be tolerated. They are alert, energetic and a natural pack animal. Even though they are wonderful with children, kids NEED to be brought into the family carefully. The socialization needs to be monitored carefully.

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