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Over 12 million dogs a year are put to death, not sleep, because of overpopulation. Aprox. 30% of them are purebreds, and more than half are under two years of age.

I urge and beg you to please consider saving a life and adopting your next best friend!

Stay away from pet stores. They treat animals like trash. Please visit your local shelter and dog pound.

Discount prices on pet meds!

How Can I Help?

Financial donations can really help pay for food, medical and other issues.

Especially regarding dogs with disabilities, money is a huge factor. Fannie is on numerous herbs, medications, vitamins in addition to taking her to her Aqua Therapy sessions. Doctors do not cut us a break and believe me..let's just say we could have named her "2 Mercedes." Seriously, we love her more than anything but we the financial aspect is sometimes hard. Please understand, her medical diagnosis of DM (Dygenerative Myelopathy) usually happens to German Shepherds and Corgis and is very, very rare. Please don't think that your foster or rescue will develop this.

Please Read: That cup of coffee, cake and pack of cigarettes can cost you $15 a day. Ok you don't smoke,,, coffee and a cake from Starbuck's will cost you $7 each morning plus lunch, add on another $8. You very well could be spending $23 a day on just breakfast and lunch. That's $450 a month on meaningless stuff.If you ate breakfast at home and brown bagged it just imagine how much better you would feel donating that money to . Think about it. Look, how about this. Eat home every other day donate just $200 a month to us. Sounds fair, right :). It's worth a shot.

Whatever you can give...we appreciate it. For your convenience we take PayPal and checks. money orders, e.t.c. Just let us know.

Become a Foster Home

Quite often we hear from people interested in volunteering their time to help the SHCGNY, our single greatest need is really foster homes. The more foster homes we have the more dogs we can keep alive. It's quite simple. WE NEED YOU to get involved in any way you can. Please get involved. Please do not assume that we are a huge group and can take 10 dogs ourselves. Please.. if you are at all interested in fostering a Siberian Husky in need, let us know.

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