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Over 12 million dogs a year are put to death, not sleep, because of overpopulation. Aprox. 30% of them are purebreds, and more than half are under two years of age.

I urge and beg you to please consider saving a life and adopting your next best friend!

Stay away from pet stores. They treat animals like trash. Please visit your local shelter and dog pound.

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About Fannie

Fannie came into our lives February 2007. We lost Sabrina, our sweet pit/Boxer in Jan from Lymphoma and my wife was “just looking” on-line to see what was going on in the world of lost and needy animal. All of a sudden she came across a group called the SHCGNY. They posted a picture of dog that they found roaming the streets on Long Island that ended up in a shelter for 5 long months and then at a vet’s kennel for a few weeks before she was supposed to go back to a shelter.

“Hey Honey, come check out this pup named Funny Fannie”, my wife said to me.

I said, “No way. The story is sad but I’m sure she’ll get a home”. As my wife reiterated the point that she was in a shelter for way too long she shoved the computer in my face.

As soon as I saw the picture of “Funny Fannie” in a Santa hat I was hooked.

My next question I asked was…..”When are we visiting her?”

The rest as they say,,,,is history. A wonderful history.

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