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Over 12 million dogs a year are put to death, not sleep, because of overpopulation. Aprox. 30% of them are purebreds, and more than half are under two years of age.

I urge and beg you to please consider saving a life and adopting your next best friend!

Stay away from pet stores. They treat animals like trash. Please visit your local shelter and dog pound.

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What is was brought about by a need to help the Siberian Husky and related mixed breeds.

We work with the SHCGNY( The Siberian Husky Club of Greater NY) to bring awareness to the breed, educate the public, foster and place these wonderful dogs in need of loving homes. was developed from a labor of love. We want to be your one stop shop for everything related to the Siberian Husky and their respective mixes.

A great deal of time and effort is spent on assisting, relocating, and placing these wonderful pups who were either abandoned by their owner or left at shelters to be euthanized.

When dogs come to us and they are temporarily placed in our homes, we evaluate their temperaments, personalities and try to detail pretty much every move they make so that you can have the idea dog that will fit into your home.

We are experienced and concerned Siberian Husky owners/ fosters who are dedicated to the care and placement of these loving animals into loving and permanent homes.

This is our passion and you will see why. Please check out our sponsors, buy some wonderful items in our online store, tell your friends, send us your pictures and stories and please donate.

Thanks for stopping by and come back often.
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